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iPhone 4 Screen Repair $45


LCD + Digitizer - $45
Glass Backplate Repair/ Replacement - $20
Battery Replacement - $25
Camera Replacement - $25

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  • 1) How long does it take to repair my iPhone or mobile device?
  • It takes about 45 minutes to repair your iPhone while you wait or send it in for repair.

  • 2) Do you use High Quality Parts?
  • Yes, iTechRepairs uses the highest quality parts available to get your phone working in brand new condition again.

  • 3) Do you offer warranty?
  • We offer a 30 day limited warranty for defective parts. We will make SURE your device is 100% working before you receive it.

  • 4) Do you offer color conversions and custom designs?
  • Yes, We color convert iPhones from black to white or custom colors of your choice!